08 November 2012

Wedding Website

I looked and looked and looked... and looked, for a suitably designed wedding website from one of those wedding website people, but nothing was suitable to match the stationary I created, so an easy thing I was able to put together was a free Wix website for our wedding. 

I have not yet, however, been able to match the fonts exactly. Nor have I updated the information with the correct wedding information. I still have to plan the wedding for that...

24 October 2012

Origami Flowers DIY 1

I will most likely be making my own paper flowers for our 8-bit Cocktail Party. The other day I took some time to see what I could make and made some. I took step by step photos of what I did do. I don't recall where I found the tutorials to make them, but here they are: 

First I got started by Cutting out several 3in by 3in squares, you'll need 5.

Take one of the squares to work with.

Fold that paper in half point to point, making a triangular shape

Fold the corners up to the top corner

Fold these flaps back over the other way, so that the edges are even to the outside edge.

Open up flaps you just made, and pull the folds open so that it looks like this

Fold the single corners sicking up, down so that they are even with the outer edge

Fold the creases shut

fold and glue the flaps like this

Repeat this with 4 more square of paper. I clipped mine so that the glue would hold as it dried

Glue each of the 5 "Petals" together at their centers. 

28 August 2012

BrewedGaming Website

Apparently this has been live for a while and I just couldn't figure it out. Our website is up. It's temporary, but it works, and it's close enough to the right colors. 

03 August 2012

Dress - Blue and White Stripes

We reorganized our room the other day, and now there's space in there to do stuff. So the very next day I set out to make something, I found my box of fabric and pulled out the summeriest fabric I could find. An old King Sized Sheet. Then I proceeded to draw up and lay out then make this dress. It took me a day. I had to readjust the straps today because we left for vacation the next day. I think I did an okay job. 

Blue and White Striped Summer Dress 2012

18 July 2012

Amazing Grace - 1st Verse Video

I have been trying to figure out some new programs, so that I can better put together content for Brewed Gaming, so I decided to do a test for something that didn't "matter" so much. I sang a verse of Amazing Grace and then put it to pictures. 
I think I did an ok job. I figured out most of what I wanted to know, so... SUCCESS!!!

31 May 2012

Brewed Gaming Logo

Kevin and I are starting our own business called Brewed Gaming. I made the logo. Both a Large and Small Version. 
Full Logo


We also have a color pallet in RGB, since most of our business will be web-based.

30 March 2012

Draft - Not An Act but A Habit

I found this one, previously un-added... I'm not sure why I never added it before. 
Not An Act But A Habit

24 September 2011

Summer Dress 1

I drew up the pattern for this dress one day while I had the flu and came out with this.
strapless, knee length, tie back, zip up, lined

wearing it was a little off, so I altered it and came up with what we have here. 
Pockets, button flare, a removable strap and extra darts, padded

15 November 2010

Suit 2

The second creation;
A skirt and jacket.
They are very warm, and the jacket can be worn as an  outdoors jacket or as part of the suit.

20 September 2010